Nokia USB Modem 21M 02 - Select a connection profile

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Select a connection profile

You can edit a predefined profile or create a new profile. For the correct settings, contact

your service provider.
In the main view, select >

Internet connection


Connection profiles

. The current

profiles are displayed in a list.
Use a predefined profile

Select a profile from the list.
Add a predefined profile to the list



and the country and name of the service provider.

Edit a predefined profile

1 Select next to the profile.
2 Enter the access point name (APN), username, and password.

3 Define the domain name server (DNS) settings.
Create a new profile

1 Select





2 Enter a profile name.


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3 Enter the APN, username, and password.

4 Define the DNS settings.
Delete a profile
Select next to the profile.